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Perception 3 season release date premiere

Пятница, Январь 16th 2015. | Serials
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Perception 3 season release date premiere

Is there anything new about season three of crime drama tele-series Perception? Yes! Finally its creators gave us some information that can be useful regarding premier date of new episodes by TNT in 2014.

  • Producing tele-channel is TNT
  • Pilot episode was aired on 9th July of 2012
  • Authors are Mike Sussman and Kenneth Biller
  • First episode of first season got 5.60 mln American views
  • First episode of second season got 4.01 mln American views

When will Perception 3 season The date of premier?

The date of premier:


About «Perception»

As it was confirmed by management of TNT-channel, the premier date for the season three of drama Perception is known already. The exact date therefore is 17th June 2014 and the title of the very first new episode is Paris.
Official announcement tells us about 15 new episodes which are fully funded, and this is increase in one episode compare to a previous season.
Right holders are sure in keeping the high number of views ans ratings level, they expect not less than four million American views again.

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