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Grey’s Anatomy 11 season release date premiere 2014

Пятница, Январь 16th 2015. | Serials
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Grey’s Anatomy 11 season release date premiere 2014

What is the recent news as to «Grey’s Anatomy» season 11? Is there anything known about its official renewal and premiere on ABC? All fans of the project long for start air date to be announced as they were told that the TV series would be renewed in 2014.

About the project Grey’s Anatomy

TV channel broadcasting: ABC
Created by: Shonda Rhimes
Pilot Episode date: 2005/03/27

Episode 1 Season 1: 16.25 million viewers in the USA
Episode 1 Season 10: 9.27 million viewers in the USA

When will Grey’s Anatomy season 11 start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: September 25. 2014

There is no doubt at this moment that «Grey’s Anatomy» is going to be renewed and we will soon enjoy Season 11 of this popular TV series. Even the strictest critics declared that it should have continuation.

The total amount of American viewers has never dropped below 8 million which proves the success of the medical drama and guarantees it will have finances for the coming year.

It was already confirmed on official level that the new episodes are to be available for broadcasting in May. That is exactly the time when the management of ABC channel usually makes official renewals.

Season 11 «Grey’s Anatomy» start air date is officially scheduled for 2014/09/25. two Docs are dropped for the coming season (Leah and Shane) and «Grey’s Anatomy» is renewed on ABC.

Will the 11 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 11 Grey’s Anatomy together!

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