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Van Helsing 2 release date premiere 2015

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Films

Van Helsing 2 release date premiere 2015

Online at film festivals are increasingly found the discussion on the topic of when they host the premiere of the second part of the saga of Van Helsing.
Various resources supplied information from different sources about the exact dates. However, not once been able to verify that this information is not true. So when are we going to see a new adaptation of the famous fighter against vampires?

When will Van Helsing 2 The date of premier?

The date of premier::Is going to be released: 2015

About Van Helsing 2

Van Helsing – a film co-production of the United States and the Czech Republic, which was filmed in 2004. Star tandem of actors, including Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, as well as David Uenema, brought his serious results. Stephen Sommers was able to create a unique story, which is appreciated by more than 30 million people worldwide.

Close to the project people argue that the new part is due out in 2015. At the moment, there is information that shooting pictures suspended. When they resume is not known. Film studio gets a lot of emails and messages that fans are asked to know when the sequel will appear on the screens of the world cinema.

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