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Transformers 5 release date premiere 2015

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Films

Transformers 5 release date premiere 2015

What are we waiting for? Surely, there are many things but of course one of them is the fifth part of Transformers! When should we go to the cinema for it? Next year or even after that? What do we know about that part? So many questions indeed.

Amazingly great success of fourth part however made no surprise for us, since even the shooting process got a lot of attention from many people. And thanks to the wonderful and professional ads that gave us a lot of wanted information, success of the movie was predicted which led to collection almost four times more than initial investments.

When will Transformers 5 start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: Is going to be released: 2015

Premiere of the latest movie part was immediately followed by discussion regarding its continuation as fifth part. Furthermore, its production has started by now and according to vice-chairman of famous Paramount Pictures, Rob Moore, there could be not only fifth but even sixth part to be released. At the moment, however, we know about 2016 as the releasing year for the fifth part.
The same information came from senior vice-president of above mentioned movie company, Edward Ryan. As well probably there we have chance to enjoy few other project in the same year 2016 – Star Trek (third part), Hansel & Gretel (second part) and even GI Joe (third part).

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