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The Bourne 5 release date premiere 2016

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Films

The Bourne 5 release date premiere 2016

Spy thrillers have long been captured, both domestic and global audience. Stories of special agents have repeatedly been the most cash at the box office and was nominated for various awards, including the most prestigious – Oscar.

When will The Bourne 5 season start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: 2016

About The Bourne 5

One of the most interesting and famous movie thrillers of this genre is the movie “Born”. The rights to the picture, or rather a franchise owned film studio «Universal Pictures». Different parts of the “Bourne” certainly justify themselves. This can be said of the commercial component of the film, and about the story. For example, over the fourth part has been collected about $ 276 million. In fact, the fourth part can be called a failure. Since a wide excitement she has not made, and critics treated it more cool. Officially, the release of the fifth part was announced not so long ago. Apparently, the producers pragmatically weighed the possibility of reviving the success once acclaimed film about the agents of American intelligence agencies.
In 2016, the film company «Universal Pictures» officially launch the fifth part of the shooting. It should justify a number of expectations. The fact that a fifth of general might not be. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the last picture, tells the story of Jason Bourne, has not brought the proper commercial effect.

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