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The 100 2 season release date premiere 2014

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Serials

The 100 2 season release date premiere 2014

While the viewers of The CW were discussing whether «The 100» was renewed for a new second season or cancelled at all, the channel announced and confirmed the start air date.
Eager to know when are the new exiting episodes to start?

When will The 100 season 2 start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: October 22. 2014

About «The Hundred» television series:

TV-channel broadcasting the show: The CW
Created by: Jason Rothenberg
Pilot Episode date: 2014/03/19

Episode 1 Season 1: 2.73 million viewers in the USA
Episode 9 Season 1: 1.73 million viewers in the USA

This post-apocalyptic mysterious drama broadcast on the CW was really worth being renewed for the second Season. The TV channel management noted that due to the high ratings of the show they were allowed to order some new episodes. Thus, in October 22, 2014 viewers in the whole world are going to enjoy the coming continuation.

The exact number of new episodes being financed for producing and broadcasting was not announced yet. However according to the official data announced we are going to watch the full season.

Some critics do express somewhat negative statements, but this fact didn’t make the right holders change their decision and all the negative affirmations as to the debutant were ignored as not serious.

The story of «The 100» season 2 promises to be fascinating and hopefully featuring worthy story continuation, something that latest TV shows really lack.

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