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Jessie 4 season release date premiere 2015

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Serials

Jessie 4 season release date premiere 2015

Do we know anything about premier date for just another season of tele-series Jessie? Could it be possible for it to return to us in a new season with totally new episodes to be shown on Disney tele-channel?

  • Producing tele-channel is Disney
  • Pilot episode was aired on 30th September of 2011
  • Author is Pamela Eells O’Connell
  • First episode of first season got 4.6 mln American views
  • Thirteenth episode of season three got 2.4 mln American views

When will Jessie 4 season start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: January, 2015

About Jessie

All we know that Jessie show is really good so it should be continued definitely! Seems that production company agrees with us, because according to its statement new twists of the series’ plot will attract new viewers and will add to current rating of this particular tele-show made by Disney.
It was confirmed by executive vice-president od Disney channel, Adam Bonnett, that new season and new episodes got funding already. Shooting as how it was told will take place in Los-Angeles this current August, while release is going to be scheduled for 2015’s January.
We would like to remind you that Jessie was named the best Disney show in 2014. Premier date of new episodes is something that is being awaiting for so many fans of this tele-series. Its audience includes teenagers up to even 14 years old from just all over the world.

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