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Jaguar XE 2015 release date, price, review

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Cars

Jaguar XE 2015 release date, price, review

Jaguar is without doubt one of the best British brands. In 2015, already, chic lineup will join the new version of XE.

Jaguar XE 2015 premiere date

The date of premier:

Beginning 2015

About «Jaguar XE»

Despite the fact that the model will be released next year, information regarding this miracle of technology is still inaccessible. The main challenges posed by the designers before a new line of cars was primarily to keep all the main trends of many beloved Jaguar and at the same time to modernize the car in order to increase competitiveness in the fight against German concerns.


To date, known basic version of the sedan. Thus, Jaguar XE is a car that will include a disc with a size of 17 inches, navigation with a direct connection with the satellite, leather steering wheel, which has a variety of features. In short the interior and exterior of the machine can not be described. The first catches the eye quality finishes. For example, depending on the seating configuration made either of very high quality, lint, or from the skin. Both the option is acceptable. Appearance of the car is quite unchanged, all the traditions Jaguar met.

Technical characteristics

Also of particular interest is the powertrain of a vehicle. The motor will be a completely new car. Most confirmed today version of this four-cylinder engine with a volume of two liters. And there are two versions: it is diesel and gasoline. Turbo diesel, in turn, has a volume capacity of 180 horsepower. A model that runs on gasoline, can pull all 240 horsepower.

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