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GTA 6 release date – 2017?

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Game

GTA 6 release date - 2017?

GTA is a game of all time. That only is Vice City. But time goes on and are already talking about the sixth part of this game. It is rumored that the release date is scheduled for 2017.

When will GTA 6 start / The date of premier?

The date of premier:: 2017

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 6 could be seeing a 2017 release date, but nothing is official as of yet.

Recall that just came out 5 pieces. Game Developer Company — EA Games (Electronic Arts). We hope that continued as part of the sixth still see the light. It is also assumed that the first release will be available on next-generation consoles PS4 and XBOX One. PC version will later.

The new part GTA will be playing in 2017. Forward together!

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