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12 Monkeys the second season

Tuesday, January 20th 2015. | Serials

Will there be a second season of fantastic TV series 12 monkeys from the channel SyFy filmed, when fans of the new show could see continuation of the story of time travel?

12 Monkeys the second season

It’s interesting to know, that the base of the series is the same named film with Bruce Willis in the main role was released in 1995.

In his interview with actor Aaron Stanford he says that 12 Monkeys can “start absolutely anywhere” in the second season.

He said that they have not yet discussed the future direction of travel in time with the writers, but the end of the first season of series gives for the second season many possibilities: You know- all things are possible.

Release date: Winter 2016

I Have not talked yet to the writers about exactly what their plans for the second season, but you know, they’ve added a lot of  history in the  first season. I mean, in my opinion, this is the value of three seasons “for the story”.

So, yes, where we go to the second season is really anyone’s guess.

We waiting for official statements from the SyFy Channel about it’s continuation.

Released date of 12 Monkeys Season 2 – Winter 2016 (approximately).

Do you like this TV series or movie was better?

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